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The purpose of the Architecture and Landscape Committee is to preserve, enhance and assure uniformity in the architectural aesthetics of the community by consistently applying and upholding the rules and regulations set forth in our governing documents (Covenants) for landscape and architecture improvements to homes within the Association. Also to maintain and improve, when needed, the grass, trees, plants, flowers and grounds located in the common areas; and oversee the seasonal maintenance activities.
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Our Community is only as successful as we make it.  By getting involved, you can make a real difference in the community.  If you would like to join this committee, please contact the committee chair.
The HOA Enforcement & Fine Policy:
Upon notification or observance of a violation of the Article, the HOA or its representative will send out a notice of violation citing the actual violation and a reasonable time period in which to correct the violation.  Upon second notification or observation of the continued violation following the expiration of the time period allotted, a fee of $25 / day will be assessed until the violation is corrected. 
Bermuda Grass Fertilization Schedule
January - Lime
February - Crabgrass Control (Pre-Emergent)
April - Lawn Fertilizer
May - Weed & Feed
July - High Nitrogen Fertilizer
September - Winterizer
November - Crabgrass Control (Pre-Emergent)
Yard inspections will include, but not be limited to the following:
  • grass cut and trimming around structure
  • lawn edging along driveway and sidewalk
  • weed control
  • trimmed hedges/shrubs
  • removal of grass clippings
Homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements for approval to the Architectural Committee prior to installation. Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.

Garbage Cans: Please remember that garbage cans shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring lots, streets and property located adjacent to the lot.

Per Article VI, Section 24 "all mailboxes and mailbox posts shall be of the same type and color as that was originally installed” .

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The Association does not want to fine homeowners.  Rather, it is a committee of neighbors that helps maintain property values and quality by enforcing a set of covenants, rules and guidelines that you agreed to through the purchase of your property.  In the event that you violate the covenant, you could be fined $25 / day for each violation until such time as you correct the violation(s).  Any further violation of the same nature in a 12 month period may result in the imposition of a fine, suspension of your right to vote, and suspension of your use of any common areas (clubhouse, pool, tennis court) until such time as you correct the violation(s) and are current in all fines/assessment..

Let’s work together for the good of our community.

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Homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements.  These plans need to be sent to the Architectural Committee prior to installation for approval.